Interactions with tax authorities can lead to serious financial implications.

We will explain your rights and guide you through every step. We advise you on the applicable tax law, negotiate with tax authorities and advocate for you in court.


We protect your interests during an audit and handle all communications with the auditor.

Notices of Objection

We prepare and file notices of objection on your behalf to challenge tax assessments.

Voluntary Disclosures

We apply for interest and penalty relief on your behalf and help you correct errors made in past tax filings.

Appeals to Court

We advance your interests by appealing tax assessments to court and handling each step in the litigation process.

Taxpayer Relief Applications

We apply for interest and penalty relief where your unpaid balance is causing financial hardship or caused by circumstances outside of your control.

Vacancy Tax Assessments

We prepare and file appeals to vacancy tax assessments issued by the City of Vancouver and Province of British Columbia.

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